We embrace modern technologies to drive robust efficient design. These technologies provide the client with improved design accuracy and faster delivery and hence cost savings over traditional design methods. See the media page for more examples of the technologies we embrace.


Just one example is the use of LASER SCANNING technologies to capture the as build status of the plant for subsequent millimetre accurate 3D modelling of new integrated equipment. This allows the client to visualise the changes and quickly perfect the design before they are built saving time and money on costly field changes.

3D Modelling

At the heart of the Digital Plant is the central database linking data from all packages into one central place, ensuring the same data is available on all design documents. Any changes occur in one place and filter throughout all linked packages and documents ensuring consistency of data.

Further, the same information is used on multiple design documents, meaning it only needs to be entered once resulting in significant time and hence cost savings.

Data Management
Laser Scanning

Brownfield sites are especially challenging to implement upgrades safely and efficiently. Laser scanning the entire site provides a highly accurate (better than +/-10mm) image of the existing equipment and structures allowing new equipment to be designed to fit and avoid costly clashes with existing infrastructure. The site only require 1 laser scan for use on multiple projects over multiple years, resulting a highly cost effective survey technique allowing future designs to be carried out remotely without the need for additional site survey visits. 

Together with our partner, 3Deling we can turn the scanned images in as built 3D models to extract catalogue driven pipe isometrics for use with Mechanical Integrity programs, and develop new 3D modelled project designs.

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