Today's regulatory environment together with lean workforces requires a modern approach to managing Process Safety Information (PSI) and design workflow.

PSI must cover the full life cycle of the plant, with robust revision controls, accuracy and consistency of data across multiple disciplines and documents/drawings.

We are able to implement a database controlled management system for your assets. Data for all PSI documents is located in a single central database with revision controls to provide the lifecycle management. This approach is consistent with the BIM methodology used within the building a public services industry.

The database will feed into the following key documents ensuring data consistency across disciplines:


*Web based tools are available to allow client collaboration.

BIM methodology - Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility/Asset.


Traditional design services provided 2D drawings and separate data lists, where as BIM typically provides a 3D representation of the asset, with each component in the 3D model containing meta data to describe the specification of that object. This allows for seamless transfer of data from the design package to technical specifications without the need to transpose data manually across multiple documents.

BIM  also provides guidelines on project methodology and documentation requirements. The following link provides additional details BIM methodology. 

Digital Plant - multidiscipline collaboration
Digital Plant - Engineering Database

Work Flow Process to Digitize an Existing Asset - Producing a "digital asset" during the design phase is relatively straight forward, however, providing this level of detailed information for brownfield facilities requires some form of reverse engineering activity.


We have a multistage process to assess your requirements, and provide a risk based approach to closing your PSI gaps. The following link provides additional details  Work Flow Process to Digitize an Existing Asset.

Digital Plant - 3D modelling


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